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Eliminate the high cost and difficulties posed by disposing of drilling fluids and slurry from tunnelling operations.

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    Mud Terminator

    Di-Corp is a leading supplier of super-absorbent polymers such as Earth Pro Mud Terminator.

    Earth Pro Mud Terminator consists of a proprietary blend of super-absorbent polymer and absorbent minerals. The material is non-hazardous, chemically inert (won’t react with anything), non-dusty, and absorbs very quickly. It can be used in a broad range of industrial applications and has been proven very effective in absorbing drill cuttings, drilling mud, and industrial sludge.

    The intertwined polymer chains, fortified by hydrogen bonding, have a remarkable absorption capacity. They can retain extremely large amounts of fluid, up to 350x their weight in water, yet only expand by less than one percent. This efficiency means you can solidify extremely large amounts of mud or slurry using less product with minimal bulking.

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    What Our Customers Say About Mud Terminator

    “Mud Terminator worked great, and we only had to use about half as much compared to the other solidification product.”

    Properties of Mud Terminator

    The following are some key properties you need to know about Mud Terminator.

    Physical Properties

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    Mixing & Handling

    Additional Features & Benefits

    Why Choose Di-Corp

    Six Decades of Experience

    For more than sixty years, we’ve been delivering quality fluids, equipment, and tools to the drilling sector, assisting in addressing various challenges encountered during drilling operations.

    Responsible Distribution

    We’re proud to operate per the Code of Practice of Responsible Distribution®, an accountable management concept developed by Responsible Distribution Canada (RDC).

    Reliable Customer Service

    Your operations matter to us, which is why we take customer service seriously. If you have any questions or concerns about your Mud Terminator product, please contact us, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does Mud Terminator compare with other solidifying agents?

    Mud Terminator is the original and best-performing solidifying agent, which turns slurry into soil much faster with much less product.

    Can Mud Terminator reduce environmental impact?

    Yes. Mud Terminator passes paint and slump tests, is non-toxic, has a reduced carbon footprint, and is environmentally stable.

    How can Mud Terminator reduce costs?

    Since Mud Terminator is a superabsorbent polymer, it will absorb up to 350x its weight in water while only expanding less than 1%, meaning you will have less waste and lower transportation and landfill costs.

    How are superabsorbent polymers made?

    Superabsorbent polymers are typically created through polymerization, a chemical process that links small molecules to form long chains, forming polymers with significant absorption capabilities. The most common manufacturing process involves the polymerization of monomers, then adding cross-linking agents to enhance the structure and absorption capacity, and then drying the product.

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