EdgeLOCK™ Overshot Assemblies & Options

Reliably and efficiently retrieve the inner tube assembly with Di-Corp’s durable EdgeLOCK overshot locking system.

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    EdgeLOCK™ Overshot Assemblies & Options

    The EdgeLOCK overshot is a simple, self-locking, and compatible solution designed to retrieve the inner tube assembly, offering a productive and safe alternative to conventional core drilling. With the unique edge lock mechanism, there’s no need to remember to stop and lock the inner tube assembly in place; gravity does it for you automatically!

    Safety is first with Di-Corp’s EdgeLOCK overshot locking system. The EdgeLOCK overshot eliminates the need to manually lock in the head, keeping your fingers out of harm’s way in the process. As soon as you start to raise the overshot, the weight of the head pulls the lifting dogs into the locked position. The head remains “locked in” until the weight is removed, and you manually compress the lifting dogs to release.

    An edgeLOCK overshot assembly.

    Our EdgeLOCK Overshot Assembly Options

    Di-Corp EdgeLOCK overshot assemblies are available in nine different options.

    B Overshot Assembly

    BU Overshot Assembly

    N Overshot Assembly

    NU Overshot Assembly

    H Overshot Assembly

    HU Overshot Assembly

    Why Choose Di-Corp

    Six Decades of Experience

    Di-Corp has over sixty years of experience providing drilling personnel with reliable core retrieval tools that make drilling operations more productive and efficient, like the EdgeLOCK overshot assembly.

    Guaranteed Satisfaction

    We work hard to ensure all our clients are satisfied with our products. Should you have any questions or concerns about your drilling products, don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance.

    Warranty Against Defects

    At Di-Corp, we are committed to ensuring our customers receive the highest quality products. That’s why our products are warranted against material and workmanship defects for one year from the goods’ shipment date.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you offer any other EdgeLOCK products?

    We offer both the standard EdgeLOCK overshot and rolling EdgeLOCK overshot assemblies.

    What’s the difference between the EdgeLATCH latching system and the EdgeLOCK system?

    The EdgeLATCH system is internal to core barrel assemblies. The latches hold the inner tube in place within the core barrel head assemblies so the core can be cut and collected. The EdgeLOCK is part of the overshot assembly, so when the core barrel is full, the driller sends the overshot down the cable inside the drill rod string.

    So, the EdgeLATCH holds the inner tube in place while it’s being filled. The EdgeLOCK grabs onto it and pulls the completed core sample to the surface.

    Do you offer any core barrel conversion assemblies?

    Yes. We have a few core barrel conversion assembly options. One facilitates a smooth shift from the traditional core barrel assembly to the advanced EdgeLATCH core barrel by replacing only a handful of simple components. The other arrives fully assembled and replaces all existing components.

    We offer a variety of products you may need to retrieve the inner tube assembly efficiently and reliably, including EdgeLATCH head assembly, core barrel kits, extended core barrel options, and much more. Feel free to contact us if you’re looking for specific products related to core barrel assemblies that will help with your drilling operations.

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