Rolling EdgeLOCK™ Overshot Assemblies

EdgeLOCK™ Overshot Assemblies – Rolling

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    EdgeLOCK™ Overshot Assemblies – Rolling

    Di-Corp is a leading supplier of downhole core retrieval tools, like the rolling EdgeLOCK overshot, that’ll help you safely and efficiently retrieve your inner tube assembly.

    The Rolling EdgeLOCK Overshot is a modified version of the standard EdgeLOCK Overshot. It features a unique edge lock mechanism that is normally used when the hole angle approaches 45° and the overshot descent time is compromised by friction between the Overshot Assembly and the inside diameter of the drill string.

    rolling edgelock overshot assemblies
    A rolling edgeLOCK overshot assembly

    B Overshot Assembly - Rolling

    N Overshot Assembly - Rolling

    N2 Overshot Assembly - Rolling

    N3 Overshot Assembly - Rolling

    H Overshot Assembly - Rolling

    H3 Overshot Assembly - Rolling

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