Kelzan XCD

Product #13500

Kelzan XCD is used primarily as a viscosifier in fresh water, seawater or saline muds. It also provides a measure of filtration control.

Kelzan XCD (in conjunction with an oxygen scavenger) is temperature stable to 150°C. It is stable in a wide pH range and is used in both weighted and unweighted drilling fluids, completion fluids and work over systems.

Kelzan XCD exhibits the rheological property of pseudoplasticity (shear thinning). Small quantities provide high yield points and low plastic viscosities, which provide excellent carrying capacities and high penetration rates.

This polymer is especially effective in low colloid, minimum solids drilling fluids. It provides effective viscosity and suspension at low concentrations thereby eliminating the need for high concentrations of bentonite The normal concentration used in the field is 3.0-6.0 L/m³ by volume.

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