Big Bear Drill Rod Grease

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    Big Bear Drill Rod Grease

    Earth Pro Big Bear Drill Rod Grease® is specially thickened extreme-pressure grease with additives that provide corrosion, wear and oxidation resistance.

    Tackiness assures adherence to drill rods while providing superior resistance to water washing and centrifugal separation. It possesses the right degree of fibrous characteristics to permit easy smearing of the drill rods by hand.

    As the rods are lowered into the drill hole, an adhesive film is formed on the rods that is resistant to the washing action of the water and sludge-containing rock cuttings.

    This film of grease is a durable one that will prevent momentary seizure and chattering of the rods or binding in the hole. The frequency of pulling the rods for greasing is reduced and increased drilling costs are avoided.

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