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Di-Corp is proud to be a leading distributor of Waterra well monitoring products that can help you effectively measure water levels, flow conditions, water contamination risks, and more.

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    Trenchless and Technical Drilling Fluids & Additives

    Distributor of Industry-Leading Waterra Groundwater Monitoring Products

    As a distributor for Waterra, Di-Corp has full access to the entire Waterra sampling and supply line of products.

    Since 1985, Waterra has provided customers with simple groundwater monitoring solutions. Their product line has grown considerably to include pumps, filters, water level and hydrocarbon detection equipment, water quality testing equipment, bailers and other accessories.

    Di-Corp distributes Waterra products to help make your life easier in the field.

    monitoring well manhole cover

    A Reliable Selection of Well Monitoring Products

    Di-Corp proudly distributes a quality selection of Waterra monitoring products that provide detailed information about your wells.


    Easily retrieve groundwater samples from monitoring wells with Waterra’s cost-effective Bailers. 

    No-Purge Sampler

    Instantaneously core a whole water sample from a defined vertical and horizontal interval using a 2-inch or 4-inch HydraSleeve.

    Why Choose Di-Corp

    As a leading manufacturer and distributor of specialty products for various drilling industries, you can trust Di-Corp with all of your well water monitoring needs.

    Customer Service

    Your operations matter to us, which is why we take customer service seriously. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your well monitoring products. One of our dedicated Customer Representatives will work with you to satisfy your unique needs.

    Responsible Distribution

    Di-Corp proudly operates in accordance with the Code of Practice of Responsible Distribution®. Responsible Distribution® is a management concept developed by Responsible Distribution Canada (RDC). Compliance with Responsible Distribution® is verified by regular independent third-party audits by an external auditor.

    Commitment to Health and Safety

    Employee and visitor safety is essential to Di-Corp. We joined with the Workers Compensation Board in Alberta in the Partners in Injury Reduction (PIR) Program and have implemented a Health and Safety Program.

    Effectively Sample Your Groundwater Wells With Di-Corp Well Monitoring Products

    Our well monitoring products are designed to improve well safety and efficiency with a goal of making your life easier in both the field and the office. Browse through our list of well monitoring products and request a comprehensive quote from us today.