Can-Break ECA

Product #7086

Earth Pro Can-Break ECA is an enzyme blend designed to breakdown and consume a wide range of natural and synthetic polymer chains excluding Xanthan gums. 

Earth Pro Can-Break ECA works best in systems where down hole temperatures are below 60°C and the pH of the fluid has been reduced to 5.0 or below. 

Regular dosage rates of 1.0 kg/m³ will usually reduce viscosity within 24 hours. Pilot testing will ensure that sufficient product is available to break particular polymer blends. 

Earth Pro Can-Break ECA is not expected to be damaging to the formation if pumped down the hole to break an in-situ polymer. 

For soak solutions Earth Pro Can-Break ECA may be made up to KCL brine solutions. It contains a citric acid buffer and should buffer the solution down to 4.0 - 5.0. 

Do not use strong mineral acids to buffer this product, as a pH of less than 3.5 will totally denature the enzyme.

Earth Pro Can-Break ECA also provides a clean, economical method of reducing viscosity in polymer systems when separation of the liquid and solid phase is required for disposal. 

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