Salt (Fine and #8 Coarse)

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    Trenchless and Technical Drilling Fluids & Additives

    Salt (Fine and #8 Coarse)

    Salt is the common name for granular sodium chloride (NaCl). Available in two mesh sizes depending on application.


    Salt is often used as a diverting agent for acid stimulation. A broad spectrum of particle sizes can also be used including large particles that will bridge fractures and large port throats and the smaller particles to fill the openings between the larger particles. The benefits of using Salt are that it is forms a solid bridge that can be easily removed with produced water.

    Cement Additive

    Salt is an extremely versatile cement additive. Depending upon its concentration in the slurry, Salt can behave as an accelerator or a retarder. Salt is also used to disperse cement slurries, induce cement expansion and prepare freeze-protected cements. Marginally, Salt can be used as a weighting agent or to increase cement electrical conductivity.

    Salt Product Sheet

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