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Safely and effectively extract oil and natural gas from wellbores with Di-Corp’s fracking products.

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    Trenchless and Technical Drilling Fluids & Additives

    Quality Fracking Solutions for Your Oil and Gas Operations

    Enhance the performance of your hydraulic fracturing operations with Di-Corp’s superior fracking solutions. Used for oil and gas shale stimulation, our variety of specialty additives will help ensure your hydraulic fracturing fluids produce more efficiently than ever before.

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    A Complete Line of Fracturing Products for Your Oil and Natural Gas Production

    Di-Corp offers top-of-line fracturing products to help you enhance performance during the fracking phase of oil and gas development.


    Prevent aerobic and anaerobic bacteria growth in oil and gas wells, tanks, and piping with Di-Corp’s bactericide.


    Maintain the alkalinity of stimulation fluids with Di-Corp’s buffers that stabilize treatment fluid.

    Friction Reducers

    Reduce the friction in wellbores and make hydraulic fracturing fluid slicker with Di-Corp’s friction reducers.


    Gain a higher fluid viscosity, gel strength, and solids- suspending ability with viscosifiers like Naturalgel.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What products are made from fracking?

    The products most commonly extracted from fracking are oil, gas, geothermal energy, and water. The oil and gas industry heavily relies on fracking for oil and gas production.

    What type of oil is produced from fracking?

    Shale oil is the type of oil produced from fracking. This is an unconventional oil that oil and gas companies must hydraulically fracture to obtain.

    Is fracking better than drilling?

    Neither fracking nor drilling is better than the other, rather different methods of extracting oil and gas. The main difference between the two is that the hydraulic fracturing process uses fracking fluids to extract more oil and gas, while natural gas drilling extracts the oil and gas readily available in the reservoir. 

    Extract Oil and Gas Effectively With Di-Corp’s Oil Fracking Products

    As a leading manufacturer and distributor of fracturing products, Di-Corp will help you build quality packages for your fracking operations based on your drilling needs. Browse through our extensive list of fracturing products and request a comprehensive quote for your business.