Overshot Assemblies

The Edge-Lock Overshot is a simple, self-locking, compatible solution to retrieving the Inner Tube Assembly efficiently and reliably. When drilling down holes, the unique Edge-Lock mechanism housed within the Overshot Head ensures that the lifting dogs are physically unable to release the spearhead portion of the Head Assembly while retrieving the Inner Tube Assembly. 

Additionally, the Edge-Lock Overshot does not require any driller intervention when the Inner Tube Assembly is removed from the drill string until it is lowered to a safe position. This will decrease down time and increase productivity. The Pump-In Overshot Assembly offered by Di-Corp is fully compatible with the industry leader.

B Overshot Assembly

BU Overshot Assembly

N Overshot Assembly

N2 Overshot Assembly

N3 Overshot Assembly

NU Overshot Assembly

H Overshot Assembly

H3 Overshot Assembly

HU Overshot Assembly

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