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    Thread Shield

    Earth Pro Thread Shield is a purpose-designed thread compound for drill rod connections. The special non-metallic components will aid in the assembly and disassembly of drill rods without damaging the threaded surfaces.

    Thread Shield is factory coated on the box and pin ends of every Drillers Edge Rod and Casing. It is then protected with biodegradable plastic end caps to ensure it remains in place until used on the first make and break of the joint.

    Thread Shield contains inert fibers, extreme pressure and anti-wear additives. This unique combination of enviromentally acceptable materials will prolong the life of highly engineered drill rod connections by preventing rust and corrosion, galling and seizing.



    Features & Benefits

    • Less friction for reduced galling
    • Lowers torque requirements — proper makeup is achieved quickly with minimum torque
    • Performs as an excellent sealant at pressures up to 20,000 psi
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Corrosion and rust inhibitor
    • Available sizes: 20L pail, 3.8L pail

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