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    EdgeLOCK™ Overshot Assemblies & Options

    Safety is first with Di-Corp’s EdgeLOCK™ overshot locking system. The EdgeLOCK Overshot is a simple, self-locking, compatible solution to retrieving the Inner Tube Assembly efficiently and reliably.  No need to remember to stop and lock the inner tube assembly in place, gravity automatically does it for you!

    The EdgeLOCK Overshot eliminates the need to manually lock in the head ― keeping your fingers out of harm’s way in the process. As soon as you start to raise the overshot, the weight of the head pulls the lifting dogs into the locked position. The head remains “locked in” until the weight is removed and you manually compress the lifting dogs to release.

    The EdgeLOCK Overshot is available in both standard and rolling styles.

    B Overshot Assembly

    BU Overshot Assembly

    N Overshot Assembly

    N2 Overshot Assembly

    N3 Overshot Assembly

    NU Overshot Assembly

    H Overshot Assembly

    H3 Overshot Assembly

    HU Overshot Assembly

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