Product #14110

SunSweep drilling fluid additive is a superior hole-cleaning agent that transports drill cuttings, metal shavings, and other debris out of the wellbore.

A proprietary treated polymerized synthetic fiber, SunSweep disperses easily in the fluid and exhibits excellent suspension qualities without adversely affecting any drilling fluid properties. The pail packaging, unlike a cardboard-boxed product, is waterproof and resistant to damage, eliminating product damage while on location.

  • Increases carrying capacity of drilling fluid
  • Disturbs and removes cuttings beds
  • Lifts and carries metal-shavings debris out of the hole during milling operations
  • Faster than mixing gel/polymer sweeps
  • Proper hole cleaning reduces torque and drag
  • Enhances the rate of penetration
  • Helps minimize wiper trips


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