ResinBond Cement

Product #17415

Earth Pro ResinBond Cement is a unique blend of high quality gypsum and polymeric resin designed specifically for the wireline industry.

Combined with RB Catalyst, Earth Pro ResinBond Cement can be tailored to meet a wide variety of down-hole temperatures, providing extended working (open) time and a strong plug which develops strength rapidly after 3 hours.

Oilfield Cementing: Well conditions which do not support the use of standard Oilwell ‘G’ Cement due to closeness of perforations or slow compressive strength development require Earth Pro ResinBond Cement.

The addition of RB Catalyst will provide a strong, rapid-setting plug, while still allowing sufficient time to mix, load and set cement plugs of superior strength and durability.

Application range is from surface (15°C) to the extremes of most deeper wellbores reducing any potential problems of premature set in the dump bail.

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