3 Meter (10 Foot) Complete Quadlatch Core Barrel Assembly

Product #S637601

Quadlatch Wire Core Barrels, are ideal for deep hole continuous coring. These barrels are a double tube system with a heavy duty sealed bearing supported shaft allowing for smooth trouble free operation.

The Quadlatch Core Barrel provides positive latching at any hole angle. The simplicity of this system minimizes the amount of moving parts while still maintaining dependable performance and long life.

Hole Size Core Size Outer Tube Size Inner Tube Size
5.500 in. 3.000 in 4.625 in 3.875 in 3.500 in 3.125 in
139.70 mm 76.20 mm 117.48 mm 98.43 mm 88.90 mm 79.38 mm

Quadlatch Core Barrel Assembly - Exploded View

Spare Parts for Assembly

Optional Equipment

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