Drilstar HT

Product #10450

Drilstar HT is a premium quality white cornstarch, which provides a rapid reduction of API fluid loss at minimum concentrations.

Drilstar HT provides fluid loss control in all water based mud systems. In particular it finds applications in high hardness, high pH, gypsum muds where bottom hole temperatures are not excessive.

Drilstar HT is effective to temperatures of 120°C. It performs best in an alkaline environment and will not increase the rheological properties of the mud system in which it is used. In the absence of a high pH and/or high salinity a bactericide such as T-352 should be used to prevent bacterial decomposition.

Drilstar HT is used in concentrations ranging from 8.0-25.0 kg/m³ depending somewhat on the amount of drilled solids present in the mud
system. Oxygen scavengers should be used to reduce thermal degradation.

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