Defoamer Powder

Product #9155/9160

Earth Pro Defoamer Powder is a cement slurry defoamer recommended to decrease foaming and minimize air entrainment in cement slurries while mixing.

Oilfield Cementing: Typical dosage in field applications is 2.0-5.0 kg/ton of cement, depending on the expected severity of the foaming problem and slurry viscosity (certain cement additives generate stable, almost untreatable foam if an anti-foaming additive is not included at the start of mixing).

Earth Pro Defoamer Powder can be used in all types of API cement, and compatible with dispersants, fluid loss agents, retarders, and Bentonite. In latex or surfactant systems this product may cause INCREASED foaming in the cement slurry. Laboratory testing is recommended prior to use.

Other Applications: Although this product has not been evaluated for use in other industries, Earth Pro Defoamer Powder does exhibit foam suppression properties that may be beneficial in other industrial applications where foam generation poses technical difficulty.

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