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    Drilling Fluids & Additives


    Casing, Adapters, Tubes & Screens

    Our casing, pipes, and screens are designed with real-world drilling conditions in mind and built with high-quality materials that contractors can rely on.  

    Wireline Drill Rods and Casing

    Longer-lasting. Better deviation performance. That's the Drillers Edge.

    Drillers Edge drill rods by Di-Corp are earning a global reputation for reliable, long-lasting performance under some of the most challenging conditions, plus greater bending capacity in deviated holes. What makes Drillers Edge the highest quality drill rods in the industry? Our choice of premium quality steel. Our approach to stress relieving heat treatments. Our precision machining, intense quality controls, and the unique, aerospace-inspired way we harden our R™ threads. All these differences help Drillers Edge to produce premium drill rods that:
    • demonstrate more even pin and box wear;
    • are more forgiving of hole deviation;
    • and deliver superior drill string life.
    Drillers Edge rods are available in standard ‘WL’ and 'R' thread designs, as well as our patented ‘D’ thread. And they're compatible with all industry standard tooling and equipment.

    Read our Drill Rod Case Studies

    Case Study: How Drillers Edge D Thread Drill Rods helped Orbit Garant more than double rod string life under higher degrees of deviation. Case Study: How Drillers Edge Drill Rods help TECH Directional achieve higher degrees of deviation without rod failure.

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