Protecting and storing drill rods during a COVID-19 shutdown

Protecting and storing drill rods during a COVID-19 shutdown

As the COVID-19 pandemic takes hold around the globe, many countries and regions are making hard decisions about which industries and business activities are deemed essential. As of the date of this article, mining and resource extraction remains an essential business in all major mining regions of Canada, with the exception of Quebec. Mining has been halted in Mexico, where Di-Corp has an office and warehouse in Hermosillo. But in the United States, where Di-Corp subsidiary Jentech Drilling Supply operates, and in Australia where Drillers Edge Rods are distributed by AMS, mineral and resource extraction is still deemed essential.

If mining and drilling operations are forced to shut down in your region, Di-Corp and the Drillers Edge field team have put together some helpful tips for field storage of drill rod that should help preserve the integrity of the rods while you’re waiting to get back to work. Proper storage and rod preparation can also help you get back up and running faster when operations resume.

Tips for Field Storage of Drilling Rods

Drillers Edge Rods by Di-Corp are earning a global reputation for reliable, long-lasting performance under some challenging conditions. To learn more, download one of our ‘D’ Rod case study.

To prepare your drill rods for storage, follow these three steps:

1.         Lubricate to prevent corrosion:

Before getting started, inspect and discard any used rods that may cause downhole problems.

For the rods you want to keep, ensure the entire outside diameter of the rod body is lubricated to prevent corrosion of the steel. Drillers Edge Rods ship from the factory coated with Krown rust protection oil. Any bundles still intact with endcaps should be fine to store as is. But it is a good idea to lubricate any unbundled or partially used rods with Krown before storing. For more information on Krown rust protection oil contact us.

2.         Clean threads and apply thread compound:

To protect the threads, coat both the pin and box end of each rod with a high-quality thread compound such as Earth Pro Thread Shield. Environment-friendly Earth Pro Thread Shield inhibits corrosion and rust during storage. When you’re back in operation, it will ensure less friction for reduced galling. It also lowers torque requirements for faster make-ups, and performs as an excellent sealant at pressures up to 20,000psi.

3.         Store rods horizontally with proper supports and cover:

Drill rods should be stored horizontally with at least three (3) cross supports, and raised at least 30cm (12 inches) from the ground to limit exposure to moisture and dirt. Store rods in a dry place, or cover them with a tarp with adequate ventilation to prevent humidity build-up.

No one ever wants to get shut down midway through a job. But if COVID-19 calls a halt to your drilling operations following these simple steps, and using the best lubricants and thread compounds, will help ensure your rod investment is protected and ready to return to action as soon as you need them.

If you have any questions about the information in this article, or would like to learn more about Drillers Edge Drill Rod, Core Retrieval, or Diamond Tools, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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