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How Drillers Edge Drill Rods help TECH Directional achieve higher degrees of deviation without rod failure

When your rod strings break during drilling, it can result in significant lost time and lost production. That’s exactly the issue that TECH Directional was experiencing when they were using a competitors’ drill rods for directional drilling applications. The rods had a high rate of failure under deviation. 

TECH Directional then switched to Drillers Edge drill rods by Di-Corp and achieved deviation up to 13 degrees over 30 meters without experiencing rod string failure.

If you’ve experienced similar issues with rod string failures, downloading this case study will help you learn: 

  • The best drill rods to use in deep hole directional drilling.
  • Why Di-Corp’s Drillers Edge rods last longer and are tolerant of increased deviation compared to other drill rods.
  • Why Drillers Edge drill rods experience less galling and more even pin and box wear.

While sticking with the 9- to 13-degree dogleg restraints, the Drillers Edge rods held up very well.

- Operations Manager at TECH Directional