Mud Terminator offers a solid advantage for storm water pond cleaning

Mud Terminator offers a solid advantage for storm water pond cleaning

Originally developed to help eliminate the high cost and difficult disposal of drilling fluids in oil and gas, HDD, and mineral exploration drilling applications, Di-Corp’s Earth Pro Mud Terminator is finding a new purpose in the world of urban and municipal watershed management.

Storm water management ponds, common in urban settings, are designed to catch and hold excess water caused by heavy rainfall events, spring runoff, and any other event that may lead to increased overland water flow. Whether they are naturally occurring low-lying areas or human-made excavated areas, as turbulent water flows into storm water ponds it brings with it a lot of sediment.

“Sediment decreases the holding capacity of the storm water pond,” says Alex Wagenaar, Sales Manager for Di-Corp’s Barrie location. “Every ten years or so, each pond needs to be dredged and the sediment hauled away in order to bring the pond back to its original design capacity so it can effectively guard against flooding of homes and infrastructure.”

Hauling away wet, sloppy, dredged sediment is not only messy – it’s also costly.  Wet sediment typically requires more trucks (or more trips) – which means more truck traffic in urban areas where water management ponds are common. In addition, wet pond sediment must be hauled to a liquid waste facility for processing while sediment treated with Mud Terminator can be disposed of in a landfill. Earth Pro Mud Terminator consists of a proprietary blend of super absorbent polymer and absorbent minerals. The material is non-hazardous, chemically inert, non-dusty, and absorbs water very quickly, binding the liquids and solids quickly while adding just one per cent or less to the overall volume of the sediment waste.

Using Earth Pro Mud Terminator, Di-Corp clients such as the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) have been able to treat sediment sludge on location. As our case study with TRCA explains, by quickly absorbing the water and solidifying the wet sediment with Mud Terminator prior to transport, they have been able to clean sites up more quickly and safely, reduce the number of trucks required, save on disposal, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the process.

For more information, contact us, or download a product information sheet, or Mud Terminator Case Study from TRCA.

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