Powdered emulsifier delivers easier handling, greater stability, and major cost savings in non-aqueous drilling fluid systems.

Powdered emulsifier delivers easier handling, greater stability, and major cost savings in non-aqueous drilling fluid systems.

The long, sub-zero cold stretches during this past drilling season underlined one of the primary problems with liquid emulsifiers for non-aqueous (OBM) drilling fluid systems – when the weather is cold, liquid emulsifiers simply won’t pour. Sure, you can utilize drum heating and handling equipment, but why would you go to that trouble when Polvo Powdered Emulsifiers and Wetting Agents will deliver equal or better results across every performance metric, PLUS save up to 25 percent over the cost of liquid emulsifiers? Even during the warmer conditions of the summer drilling season, the effectiveness and potential cost savings are causing many mud co’s and mud men to challenge conventional thinking around liquid emulsifiers.

“Certainly, pour point issues are a major challenge with liquid emulsifiers during the winter drilling season, and the Polvo powdered system eliminates that hands-down,” says Di-Corp Drilling Fluids Manager and veteran mudman, Dave Jeanson. “But even in summer, the additional logistical and cost factors associated with shipping, handling, and recycling those heavy drums of liquid emulsifier makes Polvo powder a more cost-effective solution that’s highly effective and much easier to use.”

Multiple WCSB field trials by multiple companies have confirmed that Polvo Powdered Emulsifiers and Wetting Agents, available exclusively in from Di-Corp, will save companies up to 25 percent over the cost of liquid emulsifiers, while completely eliminating cold pour point issues during the winter drilling season.

Certainly a potential 25-percent cost saving alone makes it worth considering a switch to a powdered emulsifier, but according to Di-Corp there are many other benefits to choosing Polvo for your oil based mud system. Compared to traditional liquid emulsifiers, Polvo is:

  • extremely stable, does not easily separate, and does not freeze
  • solvent-free and more environment-friendly
  • free-flowing in cold weather with no need for pre-warming
  • easier and safer to transport, store, and handle
  • packaged in uniquely designed, 50-lb. bags so you eliminate the high cost of drum disposal.

Proven performance – in the lab and in the field.

Di-Corp’s research lab has performed and documented side-by-side testing to compare Polvo to a traditional liquid emulsifier system. Across the board, Polvo provides better performance, including:

  • improved rheology
  • improved stability
  • compatibility with all non-aqueous drilling fluid systems
  • suitable for a wide range of mud weights and oil-water ratios
  • lower dosage rates
  • less affected by contaminants

In field trials with Di-Corp clients, Polvo delivered overall savings of 20- to 25-percent on drill programs with a statistically significant number of wells. The savings included reductions in chemical costs, transportation, and container disposal. Polvo delivered exceptional cold blending performance and eliminated the need for drum lifts or drum heating at the rigs. It also meant fewer storage, handling, and HSE issues.

For details, download a Polvo product information sheet, or contact Di-Corp Oilfield Sales.

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