New Di-Corp Brand Launched

New Di-Corp Brand Launched

Over the last sixty years our business has changed. Our reputation as the company that delivers innovation and service, as well as the acquisition of several exciting and smart businesses has helped us grow. The result was eight marketing divisions, using independent brand names, serving distinct markets. Being known by several names was confusing. We saw and understood the need for customers, employees, and suppliers to clearly see who Di-Corp is and what we represent.

We take this opportunity to better define our identity and brand to our customers. Our core beliefs remain the same. We are still the trusted partner that will deliver innovation and service to aid and delight our customers.

Our corporate brand has been modernized and consolidated to build upon and protect our reputation and form one, strong brand.

Our new identity conveys strength. It expresses the personality, appearance, and voice of Di-Corp. With your attention and support we will continue to prove to our customers that they can always count on Di-Corp. We are down to earth business.

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