Di-Corp’s M.O.L.E. Method reduces time, costs, and waste when mixing polymer based drilling fluids for diamond drilling

Di-Corp’s M.O.L.E. Method reduces time, costs, and waste when mixing polymer based drilling fluids for diamond drilling

After 60 years in business, Di-Corp has learned a thing or two about maximizing the quality, value and effectiveness of drilling fluids. We’re always looking for ways to help our customers optimize their use of drilling fluid systems for reduced costs, less waste, and increased drilling rates.

A few years back, we introduced the M.O.L.E. Method of mixing dry polymer in order to minimize or avoid the common problem of “fisheyes” or clumping in polymer based drilling fluids solutions. Since that time, many of our customers have adopted this approach with great results, so we think it bears repeating for anyone who hasn’t already tried it.

M.O.L.E. stands for Mix On Location Easily and, as the name states, it allows you to add high concentration additives and disperse them as easily as dumping in liquids. The method involves mixing dry polymer such as Earth Pro SynVis D, HydraVis D, or ProPac D with a lubricant such as Earth Pro TurboCut prior to mixing with water. With the proper ratio, you should achieve maximum dispersion and ZERO waste typically caused by fisheyes and clumps.

The M.O.L.E. Method delivers equal or better performance compared to other typical polymer delivery methods. For example, while liquid emulsions and suspensions provide fast mixing and dispersion, they have a number of drawbacks including freeze/thaw issues in cold loations, settling of the active ingredients during storage and transport (which affects shelf life), and higher cost. Liquid polymers also lack versatility because you have one container with multiple products that you can’t control individually.

By comparison, dry products are considered very cost efficient because they are 100% active. Dry products also have a longer shelf life, don’t suffer from setting issues while in the dry state, and they are generally considered to be more environmentally friendly. But, as those who’ve used dry products know, they are harder to mix, don’t always disperse evenly, and have a tendency to clump or fisheye.

By utilizing the M.O.L.E. Method you get the best of both worlds. Mixing on location increases product versatility, allowing you to adapt your product mix to the different ground conditions you may be faced with. And, since the M.O.L.E. Method entails using and mixing dry polymers onsite, you will also be saving on transport costs. Liquid polymers are typically more than 50% water, making them heavier and more costly to transport to site.

Di-Corp has a large number of products that are compatible with the M.O.L.E. Method. Just look for the M.O.L.E. symbol on our website, on product information sheets, and on products pails to take advantage of these benefits:

  • Versatility
  • Cost efficiency
  • Fast mixing
  • No settling
  • No shelf life issues
  • Improved freeze/thaw resistance
  • Increased ROP

You can contact a Di-Corp drilling fluids expert any time during business hours to start planning your next fluids program.

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