Di-Corp COVID-19 Response and Operational Update for March 19, 2020

Di-Corp COVID-19 Response and Operational Update for March 19, 2020

Di-Corp began implementing its pandemic plan in early March and we continue to monitor and adjust to the ever-changing conditions. Wherever possible, Di-Corp staff is working from home in order to prevent the spread of the virus. We have a robust IT infrastructure that supports secure remote access to necessary systems. Those staff members working in Di-Corp offices and facilities continue to follow recommended social distancing, hand-washing, and sanitation protocols, and our offices are closed to outside visitors. As always, Di-Corp warehouse locations are only open to visitors on an as-needed basis and health and safety protocols are being enforced.

Operations Update March 19, 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic continues to drastically impact world markets and economic activity. In order to safeguard
Di-Corp’s long-term stability as well as our ability to continue serving our customers over the long haul, we made the very difficult decision to implement temporary layoffs this morning, reducing staff in various locations across the organization. We will also be implementing job sharing arrangements in other areas to ensure as many of Di-Corp’s employees can remain employed as long as possible, and help with the ramp-up as the pandemic eases.

These decisions were not taken lightly. Di-Corp has always had a close-knit team and we value of the contributions of each and every person. We view these as necessary temporary measures in an unpredictable time. We felt it was important to move swiftly – not only to ensure greater flexibility for Di-Corp as we navigate this global crisis, but also to ensure those affected will be able to take advantage of enhanced federal programs and EI before the system becomes too overwhelmed.

Di-Corp Oilfield Division
Di-Corp’s drilling fluids, cement & stimulation operations – including members of our sales, research, and warehouse teams – is fully operational and serving those drilling customers who are still drilling. Our supply chain team is monitoring and tracking shipments already en route, and securing necessary sources to meet any anticipated needs.

Di-Corp Mining Division
Di-Corp’s mining division also remains fully operational with our North Bay manufacturing facility working to fulfill drill rod orders from around the world, and our Canadian, US, and International sales teams communicating with clients to ensure we continue to meet their requirements for drill rod, diamond tooling, core retrieval tools, and drilling fluids.

While there has been some fluctuation in the price of gold and other metals, markets remain relatively stable. As a result, we anticipate mineral exploration activity and demand for our Drillers Edge products to remain stable as well.

For sales and product inquiries, please contact your usual Di-Corp representative. If you do not currently have a Di-Corp sales representative email info@di-corp.com to inquire about products or services. And if you have questions about our pandemic response plans, please contact pandemicmanagement@di-corp.com.

We are here to help.

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