6 keys to more cost-effective mineral exploration drilling fluid programs

Aug 13, 2020

By Walker Dillabough, Drilling Fluids Manager at Di-Corp How do you decide what drilling fluid additives you and your team are going to utilize from day to day, or project to project? Have you ever analyzed what you’re truly spending on drilling fluids additives for mineral exploration?  I know what you’re thinking – “Of course I know what I’m spending! I have the bills and I know how many…

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Mud Terminator offers a solid advantage for storm water pond cleaning

Jul 22, 2020

Originally developed to help eliminate the high cost and difficult disposal of drilling fluids in oil and gas, HDD, and mineral exploration drilling applications, Di-Corp’s Earth Pro Mud Terminator is finding a new purpose in the world of urban and municipal watershed management. Storm water management ponds, common in urban settings, are designed to catch and hold excess water caused by heavy rainfall…

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Powdered emulsifier delivers easier handling, greater stability, and major cost savings in non-aqueous drilling fluid systems.

Jun 23, 2020

The long, sub-zero cold stretches during this past drilling season underlined one of the primary problems with liquid emulsifiers for non-aqueous (OBM) drilling fluid systems – when the weather is cold, liquid emulsifiers simply won’t pour. Sure, you can utilize drum heating and handling equipment, but why would you go to that trouble when Polvo Powdered Emulsifiers and Wetting Agents will deliver…

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Achieve a clean break-up with Chem Clean Green bio-degradable rig wash

Jun 18, 2020

Effective rig and equipment cleaning is vital to maintain high safety and environmental standards, as well as efficient oil production. During drilling operations, cleaning is an important part of the safety regime because it helps to remove the excess grease, oil, sludge, and other substances that can be dangerous to employees working on or around the rig. The International Association of Drilling…

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The Importance of Greasing the Rod String Following a Bit Change

May 28, 2020

By: Richie Gushulak, Product Manager / Design Engineer, Di-Corp Why use Rod Grease? The best drill rod in the world (which we just happen to believe we make) is a high performing one that is resistant to wear. But no matter what drill rod you’re using, Drill Rod Grease helps optimize both performance and longevity  by increasing productivity during a string reinstallation and minimizing drilling…

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Our downtown Calgary sales office is going virtual!

Apr 27, 2020

Like most businesses, Di-Corp’s Calgary Team has been working remotely for the past several weeks. After some adjustments, we've been able to continue working with our customers and doing business as usual. COVID-19 has taught us we can work from anywhere. With at least partial isolation measures expected to continue for some time, and with our Calgary office lease coming to an end, we have decided…

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Protecting and storing drill rods during a COVID-19 shutdown

Apr 13, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic takes hold around the globe, many countries and regions are making hard decisions about which industries and business activities are deemed essential. As of the date of this article, mining and resource extraction remains an essential business in all major mining regions of Canada, with the exception of Quebec. Mining has been halted in Mexico, where Di-Corp has an office…

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COVID-19 Update: Di-Corp to remain open as an essential business, ready to serve you

Mar 30, 2020

Late last week, provincial governments across Canada began ordering shut-downs of non-essential businesses in an effort to further restrict the spread of coronavirus COVID-19. After reviewing the lists published by each province, we have determined that Di-Corp is considered an essential business in at least one category in every province where we operate. As such, we will continue to serve our customers…

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Di-Corp COVID-19 Response and Operational Update for March 19, 2020

Mar 19, 2020

Di-Corp began implementing its pandemic plan in early March and we continue to monitor and adjust to the ever-changing conditions. Wherever possible, Di-Corp staff is working from home in order to prevent the spread of the virus. We have a robust IT infrastructure that supports secure remote access to necessary systems. Those staff members working in Di-Corp offices and facilities continue to follow…

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Di-Corp issues pandemic response update for customers, suppliers and stakeholders

Mar 13, 2020

Dear Valued Customers, Suppliers, and Stakeholders: As we continue to monitor Coronavirus (COVID-19) developments closely, the health and well-being of our customers, business partners and all of our collective employees is of utmost importance to us. As a partner to your business, we also understand that limiting any impact this health event could have on our service to our customers is imperative.…

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