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How Earth Pro Mud Terminator drastically reduced costs and improved efficiency for the Metrolinx Eglinton Crosstown Subway Tunnel project

Are you spending a significant amount of money on solidification products for your wet spoils? So was Aecon Dragados JV when they were working on a tunnelling/ micro tunnelling project that produced an overwhelming stream of wet spoils. The solidification product they were using required a very high dosage rate that significantly added to the treatment cost. 

Then, Aecon Dragados JV made the switch to Mud Terminator which provided better solidification with half the amount of product, resulting in significant cost savings. 

If you’ve experienced similar issues with solidifying wet spoils, downloading this case study will help you learn: 

  • The consequences of untreated wet spoils.
  • How you can cut solidification product usage and experience fewer traffic disruptions.
  • How much bulk Mud Terminator adds to wet spoils compared to the alternatives.

Mud Terminator worked great, and we only had to use about half as much compared to the other solidification product.

- Construction Site Supervisor