Huallen Transload Facility

Huallen Transload Terminal

Proudly operated by Di-Corp Sandtransloading in partnership with Wisconsin Proppants

Opened in 2019

Features of the terminal include:

  • 3 Rail to Truck mobile conveyors

  • 4 Spur Rail Siding, 400 railcar capacity

  • Rail car mover onsite

  • Truck Loading mes of 15 mins

  • Ability to load 3 trucks at a me

  • Fall protection systems onsite for both truck and rail

  • Superior Quality control systems

  • Fully automated BOL systems

  • Operating 7 days a week 24 hrs a day

  • Location easily accessible from Highway


Contact details


713061 RGE RD 92
Huallen, AB T0H 3S0

Contact number :587-343-3558


Huallen 2040 Mesh Sand S012 SDS Sheets

Huallen 3050 Mesh Sand S012 SDS Sheet

Huallen 4070 Mesh Sand S012 SDS Sheets