Drilling Fluids Service, Engineering, Education & Support

Down to Earth Business

At Di-Corp, we have proudly developed a reputation for meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers since 1960. We build relationships that focus on down to earth customer service; as well as, the capabilities and expertise of our staff.

We are very pleased to announce a new innovative approach to drilling fluids supply and support to our valued customers. For 53 years, Di-Corp has been distributing various products throughout North America and the world. Di-Corp’s continued success has been due to our development of new, innovative and cost effective drilling fluids additives.

Di-Corp offers a full range of additives including polymers, bentonites, lubricants and general chemicals to suit any need or problem that may arise during your drilling operation.

Along with these proven and trusted products, Di-Corp is now offering a unique approach to getting the most for your dollars spent by educating you, the user and providing technical assistance and service.

With this innovative service structure we hope to optimize your potential profit through expanded knowledge and understanding, while at the same time improving our awareness and continued commitment to your needs. I am certain that this service will be of great value in our relationship going forth.

The following is Di-Corp’s proposed approach to serving your ongoing service concerns and needs as they apply to drilling fluids. If you have any questions please feel free to contact your Di-Corp Sales representative.

A Different Service Approach

Drilling fluids are critical to any successful drilling operation, and optimizing a fluids package is paramount to achieving the best and fastest results for your client. For these reasons it is necessary to obtain some degree of proficiency with the manipulation and application of additives to a drilling fluid.

Traditionally, in larger mud service markets like oil and gas exploration, this expertise in drilling fluids is passed off to a company whose sole purpose is the technical application and service of mud. These companies provide daily or even 24 hour on site technical service to high profile challenging drilling situations. In addition, they provide detailed programs and instructions prior to commencement of a project or well.

The nature of the chemistry and loss potential in oil and gas drilling justifies such an involved and hands on approach to drilling fluid service, and is offered at a premium cost to account for this. Applying this same model of service for most diamond core drilling operations is not necessarily beneficial to the user or the client.

Di-Corp is approaching drilling fluid service in an entirely different manner. We want to empower you by providing the tools and the products to solve your problems in real time with minimal cost and maximum confidence. Think of our approach as an investment as opposed to a reaction. Investments breed long term success whereas reactions cost time, capital and patience.

Di-Corp's 3E's

Educate your front line people

Engineer field-level tools and products that increase efficiency & performance

Engage with Di-Corp for support from technically trained and experienced personnel


The largest single difference to Di-Corp’s approach to drilling fluid service that sets us apart from our competition is your education. Quite simply put, we believe that you have the knowledge - and in most cases - the tools to solve your own problems. In other words, you have the manual for the lawn mower and the screw driver to fix it. What you really need is the confidence to tackle the task.

We are not proposing that we/you turn every one of your drillers or helpers into certified “Mud Men”. What we are suggesting is that you invite us to guide your staff to a very fundamental understanding of:

  • what drilling fluid does
  • what the proper terminologies are to communicate issues
  • what data to collect to make more accurate and timely decisions

Further to this session, your team will be equipped with the tools to collect pertinent data that, should a Di-Corp fluid technician need to be contacted, can decrease down-time by allowing for quicker and more accurate solutions delivered in real time. An introductory session that could deliver all this would consume 3-5 hours, but potentially save days waiting on solutions or field technicians in the future.

As with many brief sessions like this, there will be a lot of knowledge that will flow through and seemingly not absorbed. The goal of this session is to increase awareness and encourage the accurate communication of issues and concerns to technical staff at Di-Corp so that they can better assist.

It also serves to increase the confidence that your staff will need to utilize some of the available tools they have and derive their own solutions more effectively.

The following is a rough outline of what this session could look like. In addition to this session, if there are any ongoing or direct concerns that management or ownership have regarding drilling fluids these can easily be worked into the curriculum to ensure we focus on what is most important to your operations.

Training Schedule

Introduction & Fluid Functions

Clay Chemistry

  • what is clay
  • what is it used for
  • what affects clay performance
  • different types and uses for clay

Polymer Chemistry

  • what is a polymer
  • what are they used for 
  • myths about polymers
  • contaminants & polymers

Rheology & Hydraulics

  • what is viscosity
  • flow regimes
  • hole cleaning

Environmental & Fluid Recycling

  • what constitutes environmental responsibilities in our industry
  • how fluid recycling affects daily operations
  • how to prepare for new regulations

Common Problems & Solutions

  • what are some common problems
  • how to analyze problems
  • how a mud man can help you and what does he require to be able to help

Additional Requirements - specified by client

Q&A time and closing


The second phase of successfully delivering an effective fluid system from Di-Corp involves engineering aspects that are designed to make your life easier and problem-solving almost automatic.

During the first open session on drilling fluids with you and your personnel, we will describe and review a customized cheat sheet for problem resolution.

This tool is called Fast Track Fluids Tool (FTFT). The beauty of the FTFT is that it will be made available to your staff and you at the beginning of a project and any time it is needed throughout a project.

The FTFT is intended to be a plain language single page document that can be easily duplicated or laminated. The back of the sheet contains a list of current field parameters (current depth, rod size, pump rate, products used, concentrations) that should be filled out to assist in the solution.

Many users will write down the data on the sheet, look at it themselves and realize the solution is right there in front of them, and that is exactly what we want.

The process starts with detailed data collection from you pertaining to potential problems, hole dimensions and pump capacities as well as other details, such as products available and environmental concerns. This data is then inputted to the FTFT which yields a document that serves numerous functions:

a. For Di-Corp personnel it means that when someone phones our technical staff with a concern we already know information like pump sizes and capabilities, rod sizes and products you have on location, so no infield data collection is necessary for your drillers or helpers. This saves time and ensures accuracy.

b. For you, the Manager, it is a way of having immediate solutions available for simpler concerns. In addition, it provides piece of mind so that if a driller or helper checks the sheet first before attempting a solution themselves, they will not waste product or time resolving an issue.

c. For the Driller and Helper, it is a gentle reminder of some topics covered in the previously mentioned session. It gives them the confidence to logically think through the issue, collect the pertinent data and then if they can’t decide on a solution they have direct contact info for someone who can help them out over the phone or ultimately arrange for a visit from a fluid technician. If they do make that call they will already have the knowledge and data to communicate the problem so that a technician can assist them even faster.

Di-Corp also has an internal engineering commitment. We are striving every day to improve our product lines so that we are confident we are offering the best products on the market. The process of direct interaction and customer feedback plays an important role in developing the chemistry you need to succeed.

Di-Corp technical staff will ensure to explain the functions of products so that they differentiate from one another. Our style is: “this is our product, this is what it does, this is what it replaces”.

During the FTFT development phase of your project, we will help you by recommending what we feel is the best fluid package for your operation as well as provide you with alternatives to meet cost or environmental concerns.

Engaging Support

The final and encompassing aspect of Di-Corp’s service structure is two-tiered. With the ground work education and engineering tools in place, the next step is to offer a problem-solving team that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for urgent matters regarding drilling fluids on your project.

Experienced Di-Corp technical staff will be available via phone or e-mail any time. If your personnel have completed the basic education portion of our service offering, and there is an FTFT in place that is being utilized, then there is a very good chance that a solution can be delivered without the physical presence of a “mud man” on your location.

This offers exceptional cost savings to you in down-time reduction and direct engineering charges. If properly diagnosed and communicated, a problem that could potentially cost your operation in excess of $1200 and possibly 24 hours of downtime waiting on engineering staff to arrive, could be reduced to zero dollars in engineering and only minutes in downtime.

Not all problems require a hands on approach from a specialist field technician. With the exceptionally fast turnaround time that can be offered via distant communication, you are back up and running faster…and its FREE!

There are of course unforeseen and epic concerns that can’t be feasibly solved over the phone. Perhaps you require a specialty product application, or encounter a very complex set of issues that create direct safety or environmental concerns.

In these instances, Di-Corp can dispatch a trained and competent field technician directly to your site on a 24-hr basis. Once on site, this technician can perform the necessary tests and calculations to provide a remedy to your concern. In instances where there is potential for major loss of capital or time it can be a very dollar smart approach to have a professional on site.

Di-Corp is working to create an extensive network of appropriately distributed technicians to assist in these times. The utilization of drilling fluid consultants for this purpose means that we keep our overhead as low as possible so that we can remain cost competitive on products while offering top notch service on the rare occasion that it is necessary.