Achieve a clean break-up with Chem Clean Green bio-degradable rig wash

Jun 18, 2020

Effective rig and equipment cleaning is vital to maintain high safety and environmental standards, as well as efficient oil production. During drilling operations, cleaning is an important part of the safety regime because it helps to remove the excess grease, oil, sludge, and other substances that can be dangerous to employees working on or around the rig. The International Association of Drilling Contractors notes that good rig housekeeping will help with all the following:

  1. Reduce rig costs.
  2. Increase hole drilled
  3. Improve control of drilling.
  4. Conserve materials and parts.
  5. Decrease rig downtime.
  6. Lower incident rates on the rig.
  7. Build higher crew morale.
  8. Reduce rig fire hazards.

Whether you’re actively drilling or prepping the rig for a move, downtime and cleaning efficiency are a major consideration, and choosing the right cleaning product can help with both.  Di-Corp, a long-time supplier of drilling fluids and equipment for the WCSB, developed and markets what many believe is the preferred cleaner for grease and grime for drilling, refining/upgrading, facilities and pipeline operations.

Earth Pro Chem Clean Green is a concentrated, hard-working, organic solvent-based degreaser and rig wash that goes to work right away, emulsifying and deodorizing. Its grease-fighting properties work great on heavy-duty cleaning tasks, or it can be diluted for light-duty cleaning tasks. Used extensively across the upstream and midstream operations, Chem Clean Green is chosen not only because it is highly effective in hydrocarbon residue removal, but also because it contains no petroleum distillates and is biodegradable.

Complete product information and safety data for Earth Pro Chem Clean Green is available for download on the Di-Corp website. For pricing and availability, contact Di-Corp Oilfield Sales.