Di-Corp is proud to announce a new and improved way of polymer mixing: The M.O.L.E. Method!

Di-Corp is proud to announce a new and improved way of polymer mixing: The M.O.L.E. Method!

Have you ever had issues with fisheyes or clumping in your polymer based drilling fluids solutions? The M.O.L.E. Method is the solution to your problem; here’s why. By following the M.O.L.E. Method you will not only reduce costs and waste but you will also speed up your mixing time and increase drilling rates.


M.O.L.E. stands for Mix On Location Easily and as the name states you can now add high concentration additives hard to disperse as easy as dumping in liquids. The method consists of mixing dry polymer such as Earth Pro SynVis D, HydraVis D or ProPac D with a lubricant such as Earth Pro TurboCut prior to mixing with water. With the proper ratio you should achieve maximum dispersion and ZERO waste typically caused by fisheyes and clumps. By utilizing the M.O.L.E. Method you also obtain better product versatility allowing you to adapt to the different ground conditions you may be faced to work with. You will also be saving on transport costs since, usually, more than 50% of a liquid polymer is water so you are then paying to ship water, but not when following the M.O.L.E. Method.


The benefits from using the M.O.L.E. Method are:

  • Versatility
  • Cost efficiency
  • Fast mixing
  • No settling
  • No shelf life issues
  • Improved freeze/thaw resistance
  • Increased ROP


For more information on our products please contact your Di-Corp Representative and visit our website. We have a vast range products compatible with the M.O.L.E. Method, just look for the M.O.L.E. symbol on our website, on the product sell sheets and directly on the product pails.  


Please visit our YouTube page to view a video that explains this method in more detail. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCETx7dOTnPok-IPqT4R0R4g


Remember, the M.O.L.E. Method is Your Path to Better Mixing!

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