Di-Corp Sand Transloading

The DST management team has expertise in all aspects of transloading.

From an operational standpoint, the DST team has a near perfect operational record, recording only 24 hours of downtime since November 2013, and zero lost-time injuries and zero fatalities. The DST team is always acutely aware of costs, and as such has had positive earnings every quarter since its inception.

The DST management team acted as their own general contractor in the buildout of two transloading facilities, both of which were built ahead of schedule and under budget. Through the design, construction and buildout of these facilities, the DST team has developed expertise in location development, permitting and community relations. DST oversaw the process from initial idea to implementation of two facility build outs.

DST’s personnel are transloading experts through the whole lifecycle of the asset, and expert operators.

Safety Culture

DST management has invested in creating a culture that protects its staff, contractors, property and other workers who enter their operating sites. All employees, at every level, are responsible and accountable for the company’s health and safety performance. DST participates in Di-Corp’s COR safety program and are audited on an annual basis.

DST is both a developer of terminals and an operator

Greenfield Terminals or Brownfield Expansion Projects:

  • Future Terminal development: financial and market feasibility studies
  • Land evaluation & selection, permitting & regulatory application management, commercial lease arrangements
  • Stakeholder engagement and local community communications
  • Conceptual and detailed engineering for custom storage terminals and rail designs (single or muti-commodity, proppant and/or bulk)
  • Conceptual and detailed engineering for coating applications
  • Design Build Project Management and/or Construction General Contracting
  • Equipment procurement services and materials management
  • Class 1 railway site service negotiations and siding agreements
  • Operational efficiency consulting for 3rd party terminals
  • Asset and equipment management plans for 3rd party terminals
  • Last mile logistics coordination, supplier evaluations, or partnering agreements

DST maintains strong local market relations and supplier estimating information for purpose of providing each of the services above.

Operations Development and Management

Development and maintenance of all system and operations procedures used for the safe opera on of the facilities including:

  • SMS (Safety Management Systems)
  • GOI (General Operations Instructions)
  • All SOP’s and COP’s (Standard Operating Procedures, Code of Practices -Fall Protection Programs
  • Work Alone Programs
  • Rail Safety Training Programs
  • Rail Mentorship Training Programs
  • Plant site, Rail and Equipment Preventative Maintenance Programs -Emergency Response Plans
  • Complete Health and Safety Plans

Recruitment, hiring and training of all levels of staffing required
Alberta Transport Rail Safety requirements (SMS, Operating Agreements. Audits, Regulatory affairs)

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Sexsmith Transload Terminal
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Huallen Transload Terminal
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General Transloading Opportunities or Inquiries
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