Product #30142 / 47071

Z-50 is the finest metallic zinc compound on the market today. It is specially formulated and tested to insure the best brushability and maximum protection under the widest temperature ranges. Z-50 has been test proven to significantly reduce stresses within tool joints, compared to a typical zinc compound.

Z-50 contains pure metallic zinc dust, exceeding the requirements set forth by API Bulletin 5A3. In addition, Z-50 contains a proprietary binder that dramatically increases the compound’s ability to reduce friction and thus retard make-up, yet minimizes the plating of metallic zinc in the joints.

Z-50 is milled during the manufacturing process, thus assuring a uniform, consistent, smooth compound which applies evenly. It is designed to provide the maximum protection for tool joint threads and shoulders over a wide variety of conditions. They prevent galling and wear plus ensure consistent rig floor make-up while providing resistance to further make-up downhole.


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