Warm Plug Cement

Product #15870

Earth Pro Warm Plug Cement is a blend of Earth Pro Oilwell ‘G’ Cement with a retarder designed specifically for use in wireline operations. It has been developed to enable the wireline operator sufficient mixing and placement time so as to avoid potential premature slurry set in situations where temperatures range from 60 – 90°C.

Oilfield Cementing: Typical use on a small scale is for dump-bail treatments. The product is batched in small volumes according to the following blend table, and dumped down the wellbore using wireline equipment. The slurry flows out and the bail is retracted slowly and removed, allowing the plug to set in place.

Note: Strengths are for reference only. Actual values may vary due to changing wellbore conditions, variations in density, accuracy of mixing volumes and water quality.

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