Van Ruth Plugs

Van Ruth Cementing & Wedging Plugs (CW Plug) are highly effective as bridge plugs for spot cementing sections of holes and are also used for wedging in off bottom situations for branch hole operations.

For bridging and spot cementing the CW Plug is inserted and pumped down an open rod string. Spring loaded slips grab the wall of the hole upon leaving the rod string and the tapers of the plug body and slips lock the plug in location.

A high pump pressure reading and relief valve discharge indicates the plug has locked in the hole with the upper portion of the plug still in the rods. Slowly raising the rods while maintaining a positive fluid pressure will complete the setting process. A drop to open hole pressure indicates the plug has left the rods and is set and ready for operations to follow. The CW PLUG may be drilled out after cementing if required.

For wedging with Hall-Rowe type wedges, the CW Plug is inserted and pumped down to required location and set as above. A wooden plug is placed on top of the CW Plug and the wedge is lowered and set in position before the wooden plug has time to expand, the wedge is then cemented in to prevent vibration, branch hole drilling operations may now commence.

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