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Earth Pro Torq-Glide is used as a lubricant in brine, fresh-water and oil based drilling fluids to reduce torque and drag in horizontal or highly deviated hole sections.

Earth Pro Torq-Glide reduces friction in areas where the drill string comes into contact with formation or casing. It may be added as a percentage 1.0-3.0% by volume) of the fluid system where torque and drag are a continuous problem.

Soft shale will have fewer tendencies to adhere to bits and drill collars when Earth Pro Torq-Glide is present in the drilling fluid.

To minimize bit balling add 6.0-12.0 L/m³ Earth Pro Torq-Glide and maintain this concentration with additions at the pump suction. To help prevent differential sticking maintain 15-25.0 L/m³ of Earth Pro Torq-Glide in the mud system.

When used at higher concentrations and spotted in pill form Earth Pro Torq-Glide will contribute to the freeing of stuck pipe. For use as a spotting fluid add 60.0 – 80.0 L/m³ of Earth Pro Torq-Glide to 10 m³ of diesel or crude oil and spot across the stuck zone.

Drilling and completion fluids treated with Earth Pro Torq-Glide are less corrosive.

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