Surge Blocks

Surge Blocks are an excellent well development tool. It simply press fits over the body of the Standard Flow or High Flow foot valve (D-25 or D-32). The inertial pump has a substantial capacity for developing monitoring wells because of the cyclical action of the valve in the well screen area. This characteristic can be utilized to remove silt and sediment that has accumulated in the foot of the monitoring well and can also be used to remove fines from the sand pack and well screen.

The surge block effectively increases the outside diameter of the D-25 or D-32 foot valve to 1 7/8” In 2” wells and 3 7/8” OD in 4” wells, reducing the annular gap between the valve and the inside of the well screen to approximately 1/16”. This results in a significant increase in the surging action of the valve.

The use of the inertial pump and surge block together is one of the most effective methods for developing monitoring wells because it simultaneously surges and pumps the well. This frees up silt and sediment in the sand pack and screen and breaks down bridging, drawing these particles it into the well and then removes this material from the well.

Surge Blocks available for 2” Wells

Surge Blocks available for 4” Wells

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