Sodium Silicate

Sodium Silicate is a multifunctional cement liquid additive that allows custom preparation of the cement slurry at the rig site or can be used to preflush casing and formation.

As a cement extender Sodium Silicate helps reduce cement density, prevents segregation of solids, accelerates set time, reduces free water and promotes early strength.

Sodium Silicate spacers and flushes are used to prevent cement contamination and remove filter cake formed during drilling operations. This improves cement bond, prevents slurry fallback in primary cementing, prevents water loss and prevents gas migration.

Flushing the hole with an aqueous solution of multivalent cation salt followed by a concentrated solution of sodium silicate can both the borehole surface and the cement-formation bond.

Sodium Silicate can also be used as a drilling fluid for drilling through highly water sensitive formations. Silicate-based drilling fluids can dewater shale, prevent wellbore washouts and improve cement bonding at the wellbore interface compare to oil-based drilling fluids or other water-based drilling fluids.

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