Product #18700

Saf-Kote adsorbs onto metal surfaces. It is effective in all water-based, oil based and foam drilling fluids. Saf-Kote protects the drill string, casing and rig equipment against hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon dioxide or oxygen corrosion by physically adsorbing to metal surfaces.

NOTE: Due to Saf-Kote’s cationic nature, it may cause flocculation in high solids/high density drilling fluids. The addition of a thinner may then be required. Saf-Kote should not be used in conjunction with Earth Pro Corinox.

To film the pipe Saf-Kote should be added directly to the mud system as a batch treatment. For added protection, it can also be diluted 50/50 in diesel or kerosene and sprayed on the drill pipe.

Initially, Saf-Kote should be added at 1.0 L/m³ for every 125 mg/L of H2S present in the mud. Once the initial treatment has been made, normal daily maintenance of 5.0-20.0 liters/circulation is recommended and corrosion rates should be monitored with corrosion rings to ensure treatment rates are adequate.

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