Rubber Crumb (Coarse, Medium and Fine)

Product #18504 / 18505 / 18506

A lost circulation material made up of vulcanized rubber ground to a –20 mesh (F) 10-20 mesh (M) and a 3.5/16 mesh (C) size.

Rubber Crumb is used as a seepage loss, and lost circulation material and bridging agent for all drilling fluids systems. Rubber Crumb is chemically inert and may be added to any water or oil based fluid.

Rubber Crumb will deform under pressure and can be squeezed into fractures or voids and then return to its original shape and size. This physical feature of Rubber Crumb enables it to provide an effective and lasting seal.

Rubber Crumb may be mixed into the mud or lost circulation pill in concentrations of 20.0-80.0 kg/m³.

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