R™ Reverse Flank Wireline Drill Rod

Manufactured to the highest standards of quality and precision, Di-Corp offers a reverse flank threaded wireline drill rod solution (R™) in Standard and LITE that improves your bottom line and increases your competitiveness.

Each stage of the process, from material selection to manufacturing, packaging and handling, is controlled and supported by an experienced team of professionals — you can be confident that every rod that leaves our factory will perform to your expectations. 

  • Drills deeper and lasts longer
  • Increases depth capacity and prevents fluid loss

Di-Corp uses an environmentally friendly thread compound to reduce friction. This allows for the proper makeup of the joint with less torque and reduced galling. 

  • Every rod is factory coated with this compound on the box and pin ends
  • The use of this compound is MANDATORY for the initial make-up of the joint

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