Retort Kit, 20 mL

Product #EX1860

The Retort measures the percentage (%) of oil, water, and solids in a drilling fluid or wastewater sample. This information is important for controlling fluid rheology, density, and filtration characteristics.

In a typical test, the retort heats a known volume of fluid past the boiling point. As the sample boils, the vapors pass through a condenser where they are collected in a receiver tube with graduations for percent by volume. The oil and water phases separate, showing the percentage of each in the sample. The volume of solids can then be calculated as the remaining percentage of the original sample.

The Retort Kits include all the accessories necessary to run a test. The rugged, stainless steel case protects the entire kit and makes it suitable for field use.

Electronic temperature control (available on 50 mL and 20 mL sizes) provides more accurate, reliable, and reproducible testing. The digital display shows the current working temperature, so you always know your test conditions.

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