Product #21675

Earth Pro Poly-Xan a high molecular weight biopolymer of Xanthan Gum. It is used primarily as a viscosifier in fresh water, seawater or saline muds. It also provides a measure of filtration control.

Earth Pro Poly-Xan (in conjunction with an oxygen scavenger) is temperature stable to 150°C. It is stable in a wide pH range and is used in both weighted and unweighted drilling fluids, completion fluids and work over systems.

Earth Pro Poly-Xan is designed to provide viscosity on shallow and medium depth wells where economics demand high performance at a reasonable cost.

Earth Pro Poly-Xan exhibits the rheological property of pseudoplasticity (shear thinning). Small quantities provide high yield points and low plastic viscosities, which provide excellent carrying capacities and high penetration rates.

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