Polvo Series Powdered Emulsifier for OBM Systems

Extreme conditions call for extremely innovative solutions like the Polvo Series of Powdered OBM Products. Polvo powdered emulsifiers are the best alternative to traditional liquid additives for oil based drilling fluids.

Sub-zero temperatures like those in the WCSB can wreak havoc on liquid emulsifiers, causing them to thicken. That causes a lot of hassle and cost for drilling crews who are forced to store the drums in heated shacks or steam before they can blend emulsifiers into the drilling mud. Liquid emulsifiers slow down the drilling process and create more opportunity for health, safety, and environmental incidents.

The Polvo Powdered System addresses all those issues by providing a convenient-to-use, bagged powdered emulsifier and wetting agent, that blends beautifully even at the lowest temperatures, remains highly stable, is easier to store onsite, and doesn’t require drum handling or heating equipment. You can feel confident with Polvo because it uses widely available and proven emulsifiers.

Polvo is compatible with all invert mud systems and a proven performer in both the lab and the field.

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Polvo

Polvo Mul P - Primary Emulsifier

Polvo Mul S - Secondary Emulsifier

Polvo Wet - Wetting Agent

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