Pitless Adapters

In the past, a well pit was used to provide a frost-free connection between the distribution line and the drop pipe of a submersible pump in a small diameter well. 

This type of construction is not recommend as it has several disadvantages including being a potential danger to children, frequently causes well pollution by housing rodents and it is not convenient for well and pump servicing. 

In addition, frost may cause well pit casings to heave resulting in a fracture of the discharge pipe where it passes through the well pit casing. By using a Pitless Adapter, these problems are avoided. 

The Pitless Adapter is more economical, sanitary, safer and sightlier than a well pit. Its below ground placement provides a frost-free connection and a sanitary method of connecting the discharge pipe to the drop pipe. 

The unit is designed with a quick-disconnect mechanism that allows easy access to the well for servicing and for shock. It also provides a quick and easy method for removing the submersible pump from the well.

MAASS Pitless Adapters

Bulldog Pitless Adapters

Snappy Pitless Adapters

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