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PCF-2 is designed primarily for down-hole gas encapsulation purposes. It contains a surfactant impregnated on a solid substrate, and coated to off-set the generation of any substantial foam until the cement slurry has been placed in the wellbore. This characteristic enables PCF-2 to be dry-blended at the cement bulk facilities.

Typical dosage in field applications is 2-12 kg of PCF-2 per ton of cement or cement blend depending on the desired application. For gas encapsulation, 2-4 kg/ton blend of PCF-2 is sufficient for any potential gas intrusion while the cement is still in a fluid-like state.

PCF-2 can be dry blended with all normal cementing products, and, will induce little or no retarding effect on the cement slurry. Laboratory testing is recommended prior to field use.

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