PCD Quadlatch Bits

PCD Drill Bits deliver premium performance and durability for a wide range of standard drilling applications within the Mineral Exploration, Geotechnical & Environmental and Oil Sands Coring industries. These matrix- and steel-bodied bits incorporate the latest cutter technology, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), enhanced hydraulics, and various structure geometries to maximize ROP.

These bits are ideal for high speed drilling in soft to medium hard rock such as sandstone, shale and limestone. The bits are designed with a hard matrix body for long dependable life. 

Available in: 

  • 5-3/4" x 2-3/4"
  • 6-1/4" x 2-3/4"
  • 6-1/8" x 2-3/4"
  • 6-1/8" x 3"

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