Nikal Thread Lube

Product #37192

Nikal Thread Lube is a premium quality anti-seize and gasket compound for use in extreme temperatures and hostile environments. Nikal Thread Lube contains pure nickel flake and a nearly inert dispersing solid in a high quality aluminum complex base grease which provides unsurpassed protection from rust by water penetration or water wash off.

Nikal Thread Lube does not contain copper, lead, graphite, chlorides or other halogens, phosphorous, or silicones. It may be safely used with ammonia, acetylene, and vinyl monomers which are unstable in the presence of copper.

Nikal Thread Lube contains no graphite. This is an additional benefit on stainless steel applications when temperatures exceed 550°F, as graphite would carbonize and weaken the steel.

The solids packaged in Nikal Thread Lube produces a matrix of particles which settle in successive layers or sandwich. This allows the solids to serve as a lubricant, cushion and seal. This layering does not allow the welding under compaction that leads to seizure and galling.

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