Model 130 HTHP Benchtop Consistometer

Product #C12090

The Model 130 Benchtop Consistometer was specifically engineered to determine the thickening time of well cements under simulated down-hole pressures and temperatures. Its compact, lightweight design makes the unit ideally suited for benchtop use. Pressure is generated via an air-driven hydraulic pump and the drive table is rotated with a magnetic drive. An external cooling jacket aids in cooling of test cells. 

The Model 130 Benchtop Consistometer comes with an electronic timer (with alarm, elapsed 0.1 minute resolution) and a deadweight calibration unit. Temperature and consistency alarms provide automatic shutdown. A safety head with rupture disk is also provided. The unit is fully capable of testing cements in strict accordance to the guidelines as stated in API Specification 10. The pressure is displayed in PSI. 



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