Microfine Cement

Product #29206

Microfine Cement is an ultra fine, high sulfate resistant cementitious product. Having an average particle size of 2-4 microns and surface area of >15000 cm²/gram, it is an ideal candidate for sealing micro-annular pore spaces under a wide variety of wellbore conditions.

Due to the very fine particle size and tight particle distribution Microfine Cement will provide excellent penetration depth and superior isolation properties.

Microfine Cement is used in oilfield applications for sealing off casing vent leaks, cement squeezes, plugging thief zones and more. It is compatible with most commonly used additives.

Under normal mixing conditions Microfine Cement displays zero free water and no settling, making it an ideal product for slow-rate field operations. Laboratory scale tests are recommended to determine additive dosages and overall product effectiveness.

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